More than twenty years ago I started making beaded jewelry as a hobby. I met my wife a few years after that and got her interested in it as well. We sold mainly to friends and family at first, but our unique designs were such a hit we started going to craft shows and even had a sale at a private residence that turned out great! 

  A great artist friend of mine (Avery McNeese, owner of The Eager Beader) designed my logo and gave it to me as a gift all those years ago and I loved it! You should check him out! His store is located in Cleveland, TN. He is truly an amazing artist.

  Jewelry making was and still is a hobby. We use only sterling silver findings, beads and clasps. All jewelry is strung on Beadalon jewelry wire. We have many gemstones and more. Never any plastics !!

  My wife and I started going to estate sales looking for bargains to put in our antiques booth. We kept noticing a lack of professionalism and respect for the items being sold. After a lot of discussion and planning, we decided to start our own estate sale company in beautiful Cleveland, TN. 

 We are planning to start including our jewelry in our sales as the client allows, so be sure to ask about it! We make necklaces, bracelets and earrings and also do custom orders. 

So that's where the name came from. My logo is too awesome to not use and I hope it grabs your interest.


Referral bonuses

We are offering a $50.00 referral bonus! If you refer someone that needs our services and we sign a contract with them, after the sale you get $50.00! It's that simple! Call or email us for details. (423)505-9057 

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Do I need an estate sale?

There are several reasons for an outside estate sales company to handle an estate liquidation. 

Has a parent or grandparent recently moved into an assisted living or nursing home and now the house needs to be emptied to facilitate its sale?

 Has there been a death in the family and a need to liquidate a loved ones estate has arisen? 

 We will provide you with helpful information upon your request.


Q. How much do we charge?

A. We work off of commission. Generally we charge 35% but the rates can vary depending upon the condition of the items, location and the property itself. 

Q. How much out of pocket expense will I have?

A. None! We take care of everything! 

Q. Once a contract is signed, what do I have left to do?

A. Nothing! You can relax knowing that we will handle everything. Cleaning, setup, pricing, advertising and anything else that needs to be handled.