Our checklist

This is a copy of our checklist that we provide upon our meeting with you. It is here to give you an idea of what helps us help you.

· Keep standard homeowners insurance in place.

· Gather receipts, sales slips or earlier appraisals that relate to items being sold. 

· Why do you need our services? 

 -Death    -Downsizing   -Divorce   -Moving      -other

·Who occupied the property?

·Do you have legal rights to dispose of the property?

·Are all utilities on?

·Were the locks changed and is the premises secure?

·Is there an alarm?

·When is trash day?

·Will any of the appliances NOT be offered for sale by BREWBEADS ESTATE SALES?

·Please identify any items in the property that will NOT be for sale by us.

·When will the family have all items NOT being sold removed from the property?

·Please identify any vehicles, boats, trailers, etc to be offered for sale by us.

·Are there any items that the family has NOT located in the property that will NOT be for sale?

·Is anyone currently living in the property? If yes, when will occupant be moving?

·How long has the property been vacant?

·When will the family release a key to us?

·Is the real estate listed or sold?